Meet the team - Paddy, the Trainee Guide Dog

It’s National Bring your Dog to Work Day on Friday 24th June 2022, but for pups like Paddy, he’s a regular at Volvo Cars Brisbane North as our Service Manager Tom Weir and his wife volunteer their time, home and resources as possibly one of the most rewarding jobs as a Puppy Raiser with Guide Dogs Queensland.

Tom and his wife have sponsored 5 puppies over their years with the programme and all of which have come to work with Tom whilst they have been in preparation for training to assist their new owners. Whilst at the dealership, each puppy dons their own “work jacket” and practices patience and the skills they will need being out in the real world from being in his busy office each day.

Tom tells us that each of their puppies has had success with 2 now working as full-time guide dogs, 1 as a therapy dog, and another as a stud. Meanwhile this loveable pooch, Paddy is 13 months old and soon, he too will be assessed to see if he can graduate into the next level of care for humans in need.

Tom says “raising the puppies can be hard work but it's very rewarding. Seeing them grow and develop their skills, knowing that each of these dogs can go on to help change someone's life, giving them freedom and companionship is a great feeling.”

There are some great synergies between Volvo Cars and Guide Dogs, where care and support for people is at the heart of everything each organisation does, but we must admit the Guide Dogs definitely have the cute angle covered, we love seeing pups like Paddy in our showroom.