Meet the team | Brett Palmer

Having lived almost a lifetime around cars and working with many of the prestige dealerships within Brisbane since 1993, we’re lucky that our wonderful Sales Manager, Brett Palmer as clocked up an amazing 15-year tenure working with the Volvo Brand this year. 

To celebrate this stellar milestone with our “Rock”, we discuss what keeps him motivated to keep coming to work and why there is no other car he could sell other than Volvo.

1.    How long have you worked within the Automotive Industry and what has your progression looked like?
When I left school back in the early 1990s, it was a different time and Australia was in the grips of a big recession, it was very difficult to find a job and at the time I had wanted to be a cop, but it was difficult to get in as I was competing against uni grads and to give you context, even mechanical apprenticeships sometimes had 200 applications for every spot. 

I was lucky to have fallen into the Automotive Industry as I’ve always loved cars, and my first job was working directly with the cars as a Detailer with Mercedes Benz before moving into Pre-Delivery Coordination. I worked in a couple of different dealerships before finding a job with Volvo Cars in the Valley in 2006.

And whilst I originally started with Volvo as a Car Detailer, I quickly worked my way into a sales role as I’ve always had the initiative to go the extra mile, I'm always looking to help and I even sold my first car to Cameron McMillan before I had even been transitioned into a Sales Consultant. He has gone on to buy at least 4 cars from me.
2.     When did your love affair with Volvo start & why?
The cars alone haven't created a love affair for me (even though I did own a Bright Red C30 at one point), for me, it really is about the people that buy Volvos. I love each of their personalities and they make it enjoyable to come to work and have a chat with each and every one of them to ensure I fulfil their requirements. It’s not what many would describe as a typical “sales” job. 

3.    What’s been the proudest moment in your career? 
Every day that I have happy customers makes me proud.

4.    Where in the world is your next roadtrip?
My family & I are outdoors people, and we recently just had an epic month-long trip to Cape York, and whilst I wouldn’t recommend taking a Volvo down these paths, I love getting off the beaten track. We are generally self-sufficient camping and doing a lot of four-wheel driving family trips. For us, Lorella Springs Wilderness Park in the Northern Territory is next on our bucket list. We just love getting out there on an adventure.

5.    What’s your favourite Roadtrip song?
To be honest, even though I clock up the kilometres on our road trips, I actually turn the radio down and chat quietly or tune in on the walkie talkies to channel 40 to chat in our convoy or with the truckies. 

6.    What’s your biggest passion outside Volvo? 
You simply can’t go past anything Outdoors. I love camping & 4 x 4 and I have recently taken up  Mountain Biking again as a Covid hobby, as in my youth I was a bit of a BMX Champ.

7.    What’s the biggest Myth that you can bust around Volvo’s? 
Volvo just isn’t an old man’s car anymore with a bowling hat on the back of the car, it’s a premium brand that is on the rise and is something that younger families are choosing, the look & feel is fresh and the brand stands for safety and sustainability.

8.    What Volvo option is something that a Volvo owner can’t live without?
Adaptive cruise control & pilot assist which does come standard with each Volvo. It helps you to relax on the road knowing that the car has your best interests at heart too.

9.    What’s something people wouldn’t guess about you?
That when I retire from selling Volvo Cars, my dream part-time job would be to work at Bunnings and chat all things home renovation plus the employee discount would be a bonus!

If you're interested in finding out more about Volvo Cars, you can get in touch with Brett at our Fortitude Valley showroom and make a time to see her whether it's advice around a career in automotive, or which Volvo Car will be best for your lifestyle.