Meet the team | A minute with Mandi

Mandi Foley is one of our most experienced & successful Sales Consultants at Volvo Cars Brisbane North. And this month she hits an outstanding 15 Year milestone in the business. To celebrate we did a quick Q&A and find some pearls of wisdom around the industry to share with you.

1. When did your love affair with Volvo start & why?

When my husband and I sold our business in the early 2000's, my brother in-law encouraged me to come and sell Volvo's at the dealership where he worked, at the time I though he was mad to suggest it. I am not a "Car Person" and I really didn't know much about Volvo then. All I really knew was that relative law had an oversized canary yellow Volvo Wagon that he it drove back in the 80's. But after being given the chance to get to know the cars better, I was blown away by the comfort and pure Scandinavian luxury inside the cabin, not to mention the power under the bonnet.

"Wow!", I thought to myself, "Why don't more people know about these amazing cars?"... and then the 'love affair' started!

2. What do you love about working in the automotive industry?

I love being about to help clients find & build their perfect car, I will never tire of seeing people's faces when I show them through their new Volvo and the features it has. Features that they may have never experienced before and could change the way they enjoy driving forever.

3. What are some challenging parts of working in the automotive industry?

Dealing with things that are out of your control is the hardest, like delays in delivery due to transport or production. I have found if I keep communications open with my clients and keep them informed, we can work through it together.

4. Do you have any advice or tips for young women who are considering a career in the automotive industry?

I personally get told all the time that is a pleasure to speak to a female in a dealership for a change and my main advice is not to be intimated by selling cars. One of the best pieces of advice I got with my start in the industry was from a senior colleague was "Selling cars is primarily about building relationships with people." You also need to build your product knowledge to help your clients, but you can lean on your complete dealership team to find out the answers to even the trickiest questions. By working as a team you grow your knowledge and build trust from your clients and your co-workers and soon people will be coming to you for answers to their questions.

Additionally, don't feel like you will be disadvantaged because you are a woman in the Automotive Industry, I have met many women in my 15 years that perform amazingly in a plethora of roles in our our dealership from detailers, sales, service, parts, finance, admin managers and so much more.

5. What's the key to your success in Automotive Industry?

Two main things form the basis of my key to success:

  1. Listen to what people are telling you so you can find out what they need.
  2. Treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself.

6. What's the biggest myth that you can bust around Volvo's?

You don't have to wear a hat when you drive a Volvo... LOL.

7. What's your favourite Roadtrip song?

Oh, so many songs to pick from (love Spotify so much) but I am loving September by Earth, Wind & Fire right now.

8. What's your biggest passion outside Volvo?

Apart from my amazing husband of 33years, Neal, and our little Frenchie, "Miss Sunshine," my passion is Cooking and Gardening, I love trying new recipes, sharing food with my special people, propagating plants and growing beautiful flowers.

9. What's your favourite dream Volvo & why?

I would love to own a 1966 or 1967 P1800 just because they are so stylish and beautiful.

10. Have you become friends with your clients over the years?

Yes, I have. And of course, I have many 'favourite' clients... and they all have good stories to tell.

But one that springs to mind is an extraordinary Lady I have admired for over 30 years. She has put her very colourful mark on Brisbane's culture and Brisbane will never be the same again. I was so excited when I found out she has been driving Volvo's for a very long time and now she is my client, her latest Volvo being a Black XC60.

If you're interested in finding out more about Volvo Cars, you can get in touch with Mandi at our Fortitude Valley showroom and make a time to see her whether it's advice around a career in automotive, or which Volvo Car will be best for your lifestyle.