Meet the team | Two minutes with Tom

When choosing your next car, be sure to consider the type of relationship you want with the Service Manager and their team in the years to follow. Maintaining your car should feel seamless, that's why we're happy to have Tom Weir as our Service Manager at Volvo Cars Brisbane North.

Tom has clocked-up his 10yrs with us, managing his team effectively he has built a strong workshop team. He draws on this skills of his team and his own experience in vehicle maintenance, having started as a technician after graduating from Churchie almost 20 years ago. His experience working front-of-house in luxury hotels in London and Brisbane shows in the polished demeanour displayed in his customer relations approach.

Tom works closely with his team to make your experience at Volvo Cars Brisbane North outstanding. He ensures that the best, most effective solutions are found to ensure your Volvo remains dynamic and safe to drive.

To celebrate Tom's decade with us, we wanted to share with you a quick Q&A so that you can get to know Tom Weir a little better:

1. What's been the proudest moment in your automotive career?

There have been many highlights over my time working in the great team at Volvo. I've seen our team grow and succeed, winning several Volvo Australia awards for technicians and apprentices, including VISTA Australia and Volvo Modern Apprenticeship Australian Apprentice of the Year. From a personal perspective, winning the Volvo Australia Society of Excellence - Service Manager in 2016 was a great honour.

2. What's the one thing that Volvo Owners should be doing regularly to keep their Volvo in tip-top condition?

Tyres are very important for the safety of your car. Checking tyres pressure regularly and having a rotate and balancing of the tyres every 7,500km will make sure that you get the best life and performance out of your tyres and your Volvo.

3. What's your favourite Volvo client like?

It's always hard to pick just one, as it's hard to play favourites! I will say that over the last 10 years I have noticed that our Volvo customers like the cars themselves are becoming a more diverse group. The stereotype has definitely been busted that you need to wear a flat cap be a Volvo driver, and I should know as I own an XC60 too!

4. What's your biggest passion outside Volvo?

My wife and I have taken to volunteering with Guide Dogs Australia as Puppy Raisers. Raising the puppies can be hard work but it's very rewarding. Seeing them grown and develop their skills, knowing that each of these dogs can go on to help change someone's life, giving them freedom and companionship is a great feeling.

5. What's something people wouldn't guess about you?

Over the last month, I committed to a challenge of walking to and from work each day which resulted in a grand total of 458Km. I found it a great way to start the day, and clear the mind on my way home. Unconsciously, echoing the Volvo Cars approach towards sustainable living, which is better for not only the planet but for mind & body too!

If you're interested in finding out more about Servicing at Volvo Cars Brisbane North, contact Tom at our Fortitude Valley dealership.

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